Dec 19, 2008

Wedding Photojouralism - Angie & Szeho

Date: 29-Nov-08
Venue: 崇基教堂
Banquet: Kowloon Shangri la

今天終於是繁忙的十一月最後的工作, 雖然身體很累, 但今天遇到的人與事卻令我十分興奮!新娘 angie 美得不可以再美, 她很有 kelly 的影子; 再加上好天氣, 莊嚴的教堂及很 grand 的宴會場地; 拍起照來份外精神呢!今天亦拍了一張我從影以來十分喜歡的照片!它已經用在我 blog 頭版了!

So so beautiful bride.....

so cutie! Taking child during wedding is one of my favourite!
I like the light & shadow....
Do u ? Yes, I do

I like this one!! Just like a party & all people dancing around bride!
OMG!! 吳剛 CFu is one of the guest!! So Amazing!!


Joey said...

Siu ming... discover your blog because Ho forgot to close the window. Suprisingly, I discover that the broom and many brothers are my classmates in Lam Woo. I would like to use your blog to say congratulations to Sze Ho and his beautiful bride. And siuming, your photos are as usual, stylish and wonderful!!

SiuMing said...

Hey Joey, I also guess you may know them because most of them are coming from Lam Woo.

Tks ur comment. U hv blog @ blogger also?

Angie & Sze Ho said...

Dear Siu Ming,

Both Angie and I like your photos very + very much, Thanks a lot !!!
I just visit ur blog. I am surprised that u choose one of our photos to be the heading of ur blog. It's our honour. I also see other photos, especially ur pre-wedding photos, very funny and stylish, and very siu ming !

We are happy that to have an enthusiastic and stylish photographer in our wedding. Thanks again. Definitely i will tell all my friends who are planning to marry about ur excellent photos.
Best regards,

Sze Ho & Angie

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that your wedding photos are the most beautiful I've ever seen =) I really love them.

Pame said...

Hi again! i'm the girl who wrote the previous anonymous message. I have just created a google identity =) I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song that is on your web page, I really love it. Thanks!

SiuMing said...

Hi Pame,

Really tks ur appreciations!!

The song is called "Secret Garden" by Papillion :)

Pame said...

Reminds me of Yiruma's songs, do you know this artist? has a similar style, quiet and romantic music. It goes excellent with the wedding photos ;)
How did you begin taking photographs? I'm curious because I also love photography, I have taken a few photography classes and now I'm trying to improve my technique =) I hope someday i will take such beautiful photos like you do