Feb 5, 2010

Got a Award Winning Photos Again!!! (2009 Q4 contest in AGWPJA)

I proudly announce a great news to all of my clients & friends - I've just got the Award Winning Photo in AGWPJA (2009 Q4 Photo Contest) !! I'm one of two HK-based wedding photographer got this award this time!!

You can view the details here

Judge's comment on the award photos:
Very simple image but it works very well. The soft focus background and reflection and the camera angle are all nice touches.

My past winning photo in WPJA, click here




Marcin Labedzki said...

Nice photo! Congratulations!

SiuMing said...

It's my great pleasure to get your support from you! You know you are one of the wedding photojournalism master & love you works a lot! :)
Nice to meet you & hope to see more marvelous works in the future. :)

Danneorobinson said...

Keep Going ar!
Pound to be your assistant for the lighting!

SiuMing said...

Hey...it's also my great pleasure to be my partner too Ho Gor.. :)

Tks ur help & keep going together!! :D

PnV said...

What can I say, she is a beautiful subject ... great job Ming, on capturing our celebration.

Husband of subject.