Feb 6, 2009

My Super Model - Yessi

Date: 2007

呢輯都影左有年幾啦...呢排有 d 時間可以上番網...真係好多謝 yessi 搵左我幫佢影第一輯既 prewedding..真係我既榮幸呢~~ :D 而家睇番 d 相仍然感受到 yessi 既幸福!
Best Wish to Yessi & Thomson :)


Anissa said...

hi siuming! hope you are well :) it's great to see that you now have a blog - it's a very effective way to build up your profile and communicate with the couples!
all the best!

SiuMing said...

Hi Anissa, I'm fine! Are you Anissa Wong, my client of 27-Dec-07? :D
Hope Peter & u enjoy the new life in England! How are you?

I'm keeping to enjoy taking wedding photography! :) I also agree with you! Blog has a very good & easy platform for client to view my works!

Hope your friends can browse my works if interest! I'll keep to update my blog!

All the best too!!